Examination Arrangements

GCE Exam Results – Thursday 16th August 2018

Statements will be available for collection between 8.00am and 9.30am

GCSE Exam Results – Thursday 23rd August 2018

Statements will be available for collection between 9.00am and 10.30am

If you wish your exam results to be posted to you, please leave a stamped addressed envelope with the Exams Office before the last day of term.

If you wish to nominate someone to collect your results on your behalf, they must have a letter signed by you stating that they have your permission.  They will also be required to show photographic ID.

Under no circumstances will Exam Results be emailed or discussed over the telephone.


Examination Boards offer the following post results services:

  • Clerical checks
  • Review of original marking
  • Access to scripts

These services are only available via the school.  Please click on the link below to view post results information and appropriate forms.

GCE.Post Results Information

GCSE.Post Results Information

Review of Marking / Clerical Check Form

Access to Scripts Form

Student and parent guide to examinations

All External examination entries will be made on a student’s behalf by the school.  External examinations are taken in May or June, as scheduled by the Examination Boards. 

When a whole class is scheduled to take an exam or exams, the School pays the fees.  When a whole class is to take an exam unit, the entries are organised by the class teacher.

Exam results are normally published in mid August.

Students wishing to contest the marks received are strongly advised to act quickly by first paying for a photocopy of their answer paper (so they can consult teaching staff) and then submitting a request for a check or re-mark.  There are tight deadlines set for these stages, published annually by the exam boards which the Exams Office will also publicise.  These services do require fees to be paid and student signatures, as marks can go down as well as up.

Exam Boards will not accept late requests; nor will they accept private requests – they must be made through school.

Year 13 students are strongly advised not to plan holidays on and just after the date of exam results in the summer as they may need to act fast and to be available to make decisions and sign requests.

Students should never plan to need to re-sit exams.  Should these be necessary, they will be at a student’s own expense and can cost a considerable sum.  Additionally, the Universities will automatically be informed of the fact that a student did re-sits, and may refuse to make an offer to a student who required re-sits to achieve the desired grades.

If students wish to re-sit a unit, they must take the responsibility for themselves by asking for the appropriate form through the exams office, and paying the necessary additional administration fees.

For further information, please contact Mrs Magnusson either by telephone 01202 512609 or by email smagnusson@bournemouth-school.org 

Examination Information for Summer 2018

Exam Timetables

Please click below to view the Examination Timetables. 



External Examinations: Rules and Regulations

Non-Examination-Assessment-Appeals-Policy.pdfThe Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) is the regulatory body by which all public examinations are administered. The Notices below range from student expectations during written/on-screen examinations to rules and regulations relating to coursework and controlled assessments. Please click on the links below to view JCQ information:

JCQ Information for candidates - written exams 2017 - 2018

JCQ Information for candidates - controlled assessments 2017-2018

JCQ Information for candidates - coursework 2017-2018

JCQ Information for candidates - onscreen-tests 2017-2018

JCQ Information for candidates - privacy notice 2017-2018

JCQ Information for candidates - social media 2017-2018

Related school policies

Examinations Policy

Controlled Assessments Policy

Non Examination Assessment Appeals Policy

Examination Certificates

Summer 2017 Examination Certificates will be available for collection from 21st November 2017 during normal school hours. If you wish someone to collect certificates on your behalf, you will have to supply a signed letter of consent naming the person who will collect the certificates and that person will be required to show photo ID. Please note that we do not post certificates.

Lost or Damaged Certificates

The school is unable to replace lost or damaged certificates.  If you have lost or damaged your certificates you should contact the relevant examination boards who will charge a fee to issue Statements of Results, equivalent to certificates.  The examination boards all have details on their website for doing this.

Examination Results

GCE Examination Re-Sits - Summer 2018

If you wish to re-take an exam in Summer 2018, you will need to complete a Re-Sit form (download from below) and make payment using Wisepay.  

To complete the form you will need to know the name of the unit you wish to re-sit and the course code which can be found on your results statement.

Payment must be made via Wisepay and Re-Sit Forms returned to the Examinations Office by:

Friday 8th December 2017 (at the latest)

Mrs Magnusson
Examinations Manager



Examination Specifications