Sixth Form Programme

A Levels

All students in our Sixth Form our required to study at least 4 A levels (we only offer 2-year A level courses; we do not offer AS courses). 

Currently, the A level subjects that we offer are:

Art Latin
Biology Mathematics
Business Studies Further Mathematics
Chemistry French
Computing German
Design Technology Spanish
Economics Music
English Philosophy & Ethics
Geography Physical Education
Government & Politics Physics
History Psychology


Further details about these courses can be obtained by downloading the Sixth Form Information Booklet for 2017.

Through our induction processes, we try to ensure that every student joining our Sixth Form has the opportunity to access independent advice and guidance, alongside advice from school staff.  We feel it important to invest time and care in the selection of the right courses, so that the student’s programme of study fits both their ability and their aspirations.

The Core Curriculum

In addition to lessons in the four A level subjects that they have chosen, all Year 12 students are expected to broaden their experience through attending a number of other activities – we refer to these additions as the “core curriculum”.  The core provision forms part of the overall package which all students must accept as part of membership of Year 12. 

Form time, Assemblies and Citizenship

All students are required to attend all registration form periods and assemblies, and to follow a Citizenship programme. This is delivered through a combination of form-time sessions and fortnightly special lessons, which include a range of lessons, lectures, talks and other experiences.  Within this programme are sessions devoted to helping students to develop their study skills and to help and advise them with University or employment applications.  They are also given sessions to stimulate their knowledge and thinking on a wide range of topics of direct relevance to this age group, including health issues and driving safety.

Enrichment: Sport and Other Opportunities

Students are also encouraged to maintain their health, and to develop their individual fitness or to play team games with a wide range of sports and activities from which to choose.  This means that they must attend fortnightly sport lessons. Students who wish to represent the School will take part in rugby, football or netball each Wednesday afternoon.

Sports and activities on offer can include: Football; Rugby; Cricket; Tennis; Water sports (canoeing/kayaking); Badminton; Table-tennis; Weight-training; Swimming; Basketball; Circuit-training; Netball.

In addition to sport, we also offer opportunities to contribute to the wider community, for example by the Community Sports Leadership Scheme, which can give a student the chance to help younger students at neighbouring schools. Voluntary work and other placements that will enhance a student’s skills are also offered.