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Senior Prefects



School Captain: Andrew Blair

Throughout my time at Bournemouth School, not only has the school developed with regards to academic performance, but I feel it has grown into an active community with House spirit and hard work at an all time high.  Therefore I feel as if it is my role to continue the great work performed by the recent senior prefect teams, as School Captain for 2013.

Personally, Bournemouth School has given me a great deal of opportunities as a student, ranging from extra-curricular to curricular and from the traditional to the new. It is thus the role of the diversely talented student team I am part of, to further these opportunities for all students, whilst ensuring the core values of Bournemouth School remain prevalent.

In essence, I am very excited to fulfil my role as School Captain and I will endeavour to represent the school, at such occasions as Speech Day, with pride and avidity, throughout the academic year ahead.


Deputy School Captain: Tom Arnold

It is a privilege to be appointed as one of the Deputy School Captains and to be part of a talented and committed team. My main focus this year will be to support the continuing development of the Arts within the school and increase awareness amongst students of the great work the Music, Drama and Art departments do in addition to teaching.

Since joining the school in Year 7, I have been involved in extra-curricular music. The school has an exciting array of bands, orchestras and choirs that perform regularly to a high standard. I have also enjoyed impressive plays performed by the Drama department, and galleries held by Art students. Bournemouth School encourages its students to be creative and imaginative.


Deputy School Captain: Sarah Ateaque

Despite being new to the school at the start of Sixth Form I actively got involved with as much to do with the life of the school as possible.  I was thrilled to be chosen as the first female senior prefect. Throughout the year my duties will include helping with student voice, assisting with weekly reports in assemblies regarding sports results and other information, and I will also help with circulating information and notices regarding the sciences. I am extremely passionate about Bournemouth School, and I feel extremely fortunate to be involved with such a hardworking team and I look forward to helping to bring the school forward in the upcoming year.


Deputy School Captain: Alex Sampson

It is a great pleasure to have been chosen as one of the Deputy School Captains for the following year. Throughout my time at Bournemouth School, I have always admired the dedication and professionalism of the previous senior prefects, and so I am extremely proud to be part of the Senior Team for the upcoming year.

My main responsibility will be to continue the running of the Student Voice, which was set up at the beginning of the last school year and has been met with great success and support amongst the staff and students alike. I have great admiration for George Lander and the previous senior team who worked to set up this system, and hope to further their good work. Our main aim over the next year will be to elevate the role of the Student Voice, especially within the lower school, and to continue to make sure that the system is an aspect of school life which the students are proud to be a member.

I am proud to work alongside such a capable and hardworking team, and I am confident that over the year to come we will fulfil our duty to continue the work of all previous teams to represent the students of the school.


Darwin House Captain: Sam Deeble

It is an honour to have been chosen as House Captain of Darwin for the upcoming year. I have always admired the dedication and determination of the previous House Captains, and I feel privileged to be able to continue their good work. Over the coming year, I am determined to work hard to support the other members of the House and to lead the House to further successes over the year.

Since joining the school in year 7, I have always been proud to be a part of Darwin House due to its sense of community between boys in the House. I have always appreciated the guidance and assistance given to me by those in senior years, and I am determined to repay this to others now that I am in this position. I am excited to be a part of a House with so many talented individuals, and with such an active involvement in school life, be it sports, music or the outstanding charity work that Darwin house has carried out.

Being appointed Head of Darwin has given me the opportunity to share my experiences of the challenges I have faced throughout my school life and in doing so improve the lives of younger students in the school. However, I will not be facing this task alone. Part of what makes Darwin House - and Bournemouth School as a whole - so successful is the willingness of the prefects and all of our boys to work as a team for the collective goal of maintaining the positive environment which is synonymous with the school.

I am very pleased to be chosen to represent the boys of the House, and I look forward to working with such a talented group of people over the coming year. I also look forward to the challenges we will face over the next year, and I am confident that together we will be able to lead Darwin House to greater success.


Elgar House Captain: Max Happel

It is with true honour that I am able to introduce myself as House Captain for Elgar for the following academic year. Having been a student of Bournemouth School for the last 6 years, it has come to my realisation the importance of the house system in ensuring an effective running of the school. The House system creates the opportunity for members of Bournemouth School to take part in ‘Inter-House’ events, ranging from the sporting to those in the arts. Such events are paramount in helping to develop self-confidence and team-work skills, within the members of the House, and because of this I will be working with  Mr Cook and my excellent School Prefect team in order to ensure that these events are made the most out of.  As well as the aforementioned, myself and the School prefect team will be involved in organising a series of events in order to raise money for a selected charity, with previous teams having raised in excess of £2,000.

I am very excited to have been given the opportunity to work with such a well rounded and committed prefect team, as well as my Head of House,  and with this exceptional framework, we hope to bring the House Championship back to Elgar House!


Newton House Captain: Jack Helyar

It is nothing short of a pleasure to stand as Newton House Captain for the forthcoming year within a particularly strong senior team. I anticipate another highly successful year for the house, testimony to last year’s victory in the House Championship, the legacy laid by Chris Evans and the motivation of our newly appointed School Prefects who will continue to pledge their support for this flourishing House.

As a long serving member of Bournemouth School, I have gained an appreciation of the importance of the House System; a system which forges a sense of community, a sense of co-operation and, above all, a sense of competition. It is such a House system which allows each and every student to showcase their talents in academia, the arts and sport. To this end I would support and encourage all students to partake in the diverse host of House events on offer.

Personally, I would like to think that my passion for sport, music and academic study gives me something in common with every member of Newton House. I will use all of my experience to accompany and motivate students throughout the academic year ahead. Every student has something to offer; and every student should wear the Navy Blue of Newton House with pride.


Scott House Captain: Adam Collins

Since I joined Bournemouth School in 2007 I’ve been incredibly fond of the school’s rather unique House system. As a younger student, and now as House Captain, I understand the importance of healthy competition and teamwork that the House Championship encourages. The sheer breadth of house events means that everyone in the house is able to flourish regardless of whether they are passionate about sport, music, drama or academia.

My aim as House Captain is to provide a solid framework in which the Scott prefect team can operate effectively, and for our whole house to succeed in the championship. Over the years, Scott House has gained a reputation for unforgettable charity events that have raised thousands of pounds for our House Charity ‘Leukemia Busters’. I am confident that this year’s prefect team will not disappoint.

It would be naive to suggest that being House Captain for the following year will be easy, however I am motivated and organised enough to deliver; I will work tirelessly to ensure that everyone in Scott House feels supported."


Turner House Captain: Tom Kidman

Throughout my 6 years as a member of Bournemouth School, I have had the good fortune of integrating myself firmly into school life through both academic and extra-curricular ventures. Previous House Captains have inspired me to engage in House competitions, and take an active role in the form, and I hope to be as strong a role model as my predecessors. I believe that each boy and girl in Turner House can offer something this year, whether it’s taking part in the House football competition, baking cakes for a cake sale or reading in assembly.  For me, what makes Turner House stand out is the community spirit and competitiveness, and this year it is a huge honour to lead that.

Due to the plethora of talents in the House, I envisage that the hardest task will be making sure all are involved; however I am sure the school prefects will help me with that. Each member of the outstanding Turner school prefect team has been tasked with a designated area, and one of these is to lead the new Turner newspaper, the “Turner Times”. Turner House has always set the benchmark for other houses in terms of charity work, and I can assure you that this will continue, surpassing previous events in the upcoming year. Working in alliance with Mrs Teenan, I hope this can be a very successful year for Turner House. I have always been incredibly proud to be a member of Bournemouth School, and look forward to representing it throughout the forthcoming year.