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Senior Prefects



School Captain: Oliver Alder

It is a great privilege to be appointed School Captain for the next academic year and I will endeavour to meet the high expectations set by the sterling performances of previous School Captains.  Throughout my time at Bournemouth School I have participated in many aspects of school life, both academically and in extracurricular activities.   Being a member of the school rugby, cricket and athletics teams, as well as the band, it is a great honour to be a role model for younger students who aspire to participate in the many school activities. 
I am very fortunate this year to have an excellent senior team of prefects to work with who facilitate my work greatly.  I am also very fortunate to have such helpful and caring members of staff who assist me with my work and make sure that I am carrying out my duties to the high standard that has been set before me. 


Deputy School Captain: James Wijesinghe

It is an absolute honour to be entrusted with the Deputy School Captain tie when serving my final year at Bournemouth School, especially amongst such a brilliant Senior Prefect team. I feel that through my mantle as role model, organiser and representative for the school I am able to truly demonstrate how the past seven years here have developed me into a responsible and confident young adult.
It is fulfilling to assist with as much as I can within the school, from assemblies to open days. Additionally, this year I have created and managed ‘The Clock Tower’ which is the school’s first student-run monthly newspaper. This venture has formed part of my Extended Project Qualification and has granted appreciation and a voice to many students. Moreover, I hope that it will be continued in my future absence so that I may leave something beneficial behind me.
I am grateful for every opportunity the school has granted me and am pleased to see others flourish from the possibilities offered by Bournemouth School.


Deputy School Captain: Kateryna Zhyvitska

Hi my name is Kateryna.  I joined the sixth form just over a year ago and it is a privilege to be appointed as Deputy School Captain. This role allows me to work with staff, the Senior Team, prefects and other students to ensure the efficient daily running of the school. The Senior Team meets regularly to organise events throughout the school calendar, and we work on things requiring attention, such as refining the uniform policy and updating the alternative prospectus. 
We have recently re-established the Student Voice system into a new and effective School Council run by James and myself. The Council consists of appointed Form Captains across the whole school who gather to discuss various issues and suggest ideas and how they can be put into practice. This system aims to ensure that every student’s opinion is expressed in a way that will help to shape the future of the school.  


Darwin House Captain: Jack Crichton



Elgar House Captain: Tom Kydd-Coutts

The students of Elgar House make it an asset to the school and I am very proud to call myself House Captain. We continually overachieve and perform in sporting, musical and dramatic events. It has been a very successful year as of yet and I have no doubt the success will continue.
Our Head of House, Mr Cook, is perfectly fitted to the role dedicating a large amount of time, when not teaching Religious Studies and Philosophy, to the House, constantly looking for ways for Elgar to improve and for the students to benefit from it. The prefects this year have been fantastic, both internal boys and the new external Sixth Form prefects, who have thrown themselves into their duties. Enthusiastic individuals within Elgar, who have seen what a fantastic job the prefects are doing and aspire to be in their positions, constantly approach me. They are a vital to the running of the House and their support for me has been tremendous.
I intend to guide and help students and look forward to the challenges that lay ahead of me in this upcoming year. It is a lot of hard work but with the objective of improving the House and making it a better place for all, I enjoy every moment of it. My confidence is ever developing and my leadership skills I feel will continually benefit from this opportunity.
A House with such a determined and enthusiastic attitude makes me proud to be House Captain and I see nothing but success for all the students in the upcoming academic year.


Newton House Captain: Alex O'Neill

Newton House is built upon the foundation of a strong community within the house, with prefects in year 11 and 6th form integrated into the school lives of students in the lower school. Our hard-working prefects run regular mentoring and support sessions, which leads to Newton House having some of the most approachable role models in the school.
We have an impeccable record when it comes to the house championship, with Newton claiming victory in the past three years, and on track to make it four in a row. This is only possible due to the incredible efforts of our sports captains and the dedication of our Head of House, Mr Robjohns. Their organisational skills in motivating and ensuring teams for the students in the house events builds the fantastic relationship between the year groups and brings a great vibe in the house with the consistently excellent sporting performances of our house members.
Any student entering into Newton house will find a welcoming and uplifting community, and I am honoured to have such a pivotal role in a house which will only improve further in the coming year.


Scott House Captain: Aaron Turner








Turner House Captain: Oliver Griffiths

Hi I am Ollie Griffiths. It is an absolute pleasure to be appointed as  House Captain for Turner.   My role enables me to coordinate  numerous events for Turner House, and to ensure that all students within Turner are getting on well in the school.  With the assistance of other members of the Turner House team, I am able to ensure that the inter-house competitions run smoothly.  I am a very busy person within the school.  As well as being Turner's House Captain I am Bournemouth School CCF’s Regimental Sergeant Major.    The role of RSM  requires organisation and leadership to ensure that the Cadet Force maintains its high standard amongst other Cadet Forces. 
I am very grateful to Bournemouth School for the opportunities it has provided me, and I look forward to helping the younger students recognise and make use of every opportunity they are offered.