Sustainable Travel

Bournemouth School promotes and encourages the use of sustainable travel to and from school.

The most sustainable ways to travel are walking and cycling whilst travelling by bus or train is better than short trips by car.  Studies have also shown that a significant contribution towards childhood fitness and improved health is made by choosing to walk or cycle to school rather than drive.  It is now recognised that encouraging children to eat healthily and be active every day means they have a better chance at being successful in school and a better quality of life in later years.

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School Buses

School Specials

Service BS1 - Poulner (private contract)

07:00 Verwood Memorial Hall, Al Trullo/Spice of India Restaurant Ringwood Road, Ringwood Road/Woodlinken Drive, Ashley Heath/A31 Eastbound slip road, Meeting House Lane, Southampton Rd/Middleton Road, Poulner White Hart Hotel, Bournemouth School 08:10.  Return from Bournemouth School 15:45.


* Please Note: Those passengers that previously travelled on BS2 from Verwood Memorial Hall will now need to use BS1.  New passes for those affected will be available at the school reception.


Service BS2 – Verwood/Three Legged Cross/West Moors/Ferndown (private contract)

07:22 Morrison’s Roundabout, Manor Road/Newton Road, Verwood Road/Broadmead Road, Oakdene Home, Payne Close (ONLY by request), West Moors Village Hall, Bournemouth School.  Return from School 15:45.


The BS1 and BS2 services are provided under private contract by a non-profit organisation, organised by a parent co-operative.  The elected parent organiser, can be contacted by email:  Please note these buses may be over-subscribed and that a waiting list is in operation.

Link to amended timetables as below:


Service 736 - Poole, Parkstone, Branksome, Winton

Morebus (commercially provided route*)

07:18 Park Gates/White Lodge, Ashley Cross, St Osmond’s Church, Penn Hill (opposite car park), Branksome/Homebase, Bourne Valley Railway Arches, Glenferness Avenue/East Avenue, Winton Banks/Alma Road, Charminster Road/Alma Road, Bournemouth School. Return from School at 15:40.  Contact Morebus on 01202 338420.

Service 755 - Bournemouth Rail Station, Boscombe, Southbourne
Morebus (commercially provided route*)

07:03 Bournemouth Railway Station, Holdenhurst Road/St Mary’s Church, Boscombe/Christchurch Road, Southbourne Grove/Grand Avenue, Southbourne/Crossroads, Broadway Shops, Tuckton Roundabout/Tuckton Road, Stourfield School/Beaufort Road, Fisherman's Walk, Pokesdown/St James School, Iford, Bournemouth School. Return from School at 15:40.  Contact Morebus on 01202 338420.

Service 788 - Highcliffe
Morebus (commercially provided route*)

07:09 Walkford/Ringwood Road/Walkford Road, Highcliffe/Sea Corner, Bure Lane, Purewell Roundabout, Tuckton Roundabout, Stourfield Schools/Beaufort Road, Fisherman’s Walk, Pokesdown/St James School, Bournemouth School.  Return from School at 15:40. Contact Morebus on 01202 338420.

Service 789 - Lymington
Morebus (commercially provided route*)

06:54 Lymington High Street/Post Office, Everton Shelter, Milford-on-Sea High Street, New Milton/Bradbeers, Walkford Hotel, Christchurch Bargates, Christchurch Hospital, Cooper Dean Roundabout, Bournemouth School.  Return from School at 15:40. Contact Morebus on 01202 338420.

Service 60 - Wallisdown, West Howe, East Howe, Ensbury Park, Moordown
Yellow Buses (commercially provided route*)

07:20 Bournemouth University, Wallisdown Roundabout, West Howe/Fernheath Road, East Howe/Palfrey Road, Ensbury Park/Cherries Drive, Westover Retail Park, Bournemouth School. Return from School at 15:40.  Contact Yellow Buses Customer Services on 01202 636110.

* Please note that commercially provided routes allow other fare paying customers to use their service on occasions.  Please contact the bus company directly for further information.

All information is correct as at 25 October 2019 but is subject to change.