Academic Programme

Academic Core

We have an academic programme that is designed to challenge and stretch our students.  A minimum point score of 48 (top 8 GCSE results) including a grade 5 in Maths and English Language is required to join the Sixth Form (see the Subject Information Guide for subject specific entry requirements).

On joining us you will be guided through a choice of taking 3+ or 4 A levels.  This discussion will be centred on choosing the route that best suits your ability and your ambitions.  All the A level courses offered are two year courses, the ‘plus’ options are completed in Year 12.

Those students following the 3+ option, will supplement their studies by taking either Pre-U (Global Perspectives), Core Maths or Gold Crest Award.  These courses have been carefully selected to compliment applications to universities or apprenticeships and will be completed during your first year of Sixth Form.

You will have 10 periods per fortnight (equating to 8 hours of learning) in each A Level subject, which are taught by specialist teachers.  Lessons are fast-paced, rigorous and encourage students to investigate, analyse and challenge everything they learn.  This is supplemented with homework tasks and regular tests and assessments to enable your progress to be monitored carefully.  Your tutor will meet with you individually 4 times per year to support you through your time at Bournemouth School Sixth Form.  Where needed, further support is available through our Sixth Form pastoral team.

We offer a wide range of A level courses and further information on the subjects offered, the course content and entry requirements can be viewed in A level subjects.

Through our induction processes, we ensure that every student joining our Sixth Form has the opportunity to access independent advice and guidance, alongside advice from school staff.  We feel it important to invest time and care in the selection of the right courses, so that the student’s programme of study fits both their ability and their aspirations.

The Personal Core

In addition to a student's academic core, all Year 12 students are expected to broaden their experience through attending a number of other activities – we refer to these additions as the “personal core”.  The personal core provision forms part of the overall package which all students must accept as part of membership of Year 12. 

All students are required to attend all registration form periods and assemblies, and to follow a Citizenship programme.  This is delivered through a combination of form-time sessions and a fortnightly lesson, which include a range lectures, talks and other experiences.  Within this programme are sessions devoted to helping students to develop their study skills and to help and advise them with university or employment applications.  Students are also given sessions to stimulate their knowledge and thinking on a wide range of topics of direct relevance to this age group, including health issues and driving safety.

Personal Development

In addition to a student's academic and personal core, we encourage our sixth form students to create a personal development programme.

We offer a wide range of enrichment activities: sport, music, art, catering and drama.  There is also a range of leadership opportunities on offer through our prefect programme, CCF and Duke of Edinburgh awards.  Some students choose to spend their time deepening their knowledge for a chosen subject in preparation for Oxbridge applications - we call this "super curricular" enrichment.  Students can also choose to represent the School through a wide range of sports or in out of school activities including work experience and/or volunteering.

Student View - MP4 - Opportunities

Independent Study and Socialising

Sixth Form students all have study periods and open access to the Sixth Form Quiet Study Area, library and Sixth Form Common Room.