Remote Learning

The intention of this page is to support you during your period of self-isolation.

I am the only student self-isolating or part of a small group of students within a year group self-isolating, what provision is there for me?

If you are the only student self-isolating, or are part of a group of students within a year group self-isolating, then work is set using MS Teams.  The work can be found using the ‘posts’ part of their class team as shown in red below:

Picture 1

The post from the class teacher will include:

  • Details of the work to be completed
  • Information as to where the work can be found (this may be a link, or an explanation)

It is most likely that the work will be found in the “Student Resources” area (highlighted in green above), filed in the following way: Student Resources | Year Group | Topic | Lesson materials

If you have any questions/queries about the work set, you should use the ‘posts’ area and direct your question to the teacher by using @Teacher Name in the body of the post.  For example: “@Mr J Anderson - Please could you explain Q4 for me?”

It is important to note that this work will not replicate the experience of face to face teaching within school.  There will be no ‘live’ element and responses to posts may not be instantaneous, but will be as soon as possible and within two working days.  Please note that with staff absences higher than normal, it may not be your regular teacher who responds or sets the work.

When you are at home self-isolating, I would suggest that you follow your normal school timetable as far as possible.  I would suggest you do the following:

Time Activity 

08.15 – 08.35

Check posts in the classes they are due to be in that day
Check they can access the resources
Post questions if they cannot find the resources

08.35 – 09.25


09.25 – 10.15


10.15 – 10.35


10.35 – 11.25


11.30 – 12.20


12.20 – 13.15


13.15 – 14.05


14.10 – 15.00


My entire year group, or part of a year group (likely to be around 70 students) have been sent home, what provision is there for me?

Where an entire year group is sent home to self-isolate we will be using MS Teams to provide an experience that will require specific ‘assignments’ to be completed during each lesson.  This work can be found in the ‘assignments’ tab to the left of the screen:

Picture 1

In this instance teachers will be available during lesson times to answer questions relating to the assignment set.  The assignment will include the necessary resources for your child to complete the work, and include an estimated timeframe for the work.  In order to further develop your knowledge and understanding links may be provided to other online platforms such as Hegarty Maths or Senaca.  Login details will have been shared with you already.  As far as staffing allows a teacher will be available for the first and last 15 minutes of the lesson to answer questions / clarify the work set.  This will be through MS Teams and will be either through the ‘posts’ area or using the live streaming capabilities within MS Teams.

If you are sent home as part of a large group from a particular year group you may be provided with an alternative timetable for this period.

I am unable to access Teams or there is a delay in receiving the work set, what should I do?

Our helpful librarians have put together a list of activities that will help keep you busy during your time of self-isolation.  Remember that you can use any of the internet-based services that you use in school (Hegarty Maths, Seneca, Active Learn etc.).

If you need more inspiration you can find it here.

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