Sixth Form Entry Requirements

Sixth Form Entry Requirements

To meet our Sixth Form entry requirements, applicants must have attained at least a grade 5 in both English Language and Mathematics, and have a “Best 8” GCSE points score of at least 48 points with at least a grade 6 in the subjects chosen or in a related discipline.

For example, if a student’s Best 8 GCSEs are 8 grade 6s they would have a total (Best 8) points score of 48 – so provided they have achieved at least a grade 5 in English Language and Mathematics, they would be eligible for a place in the Sixth Form. 

Applicants should ensure their GCSE qualifications are listed by the DfE as being eligible for inclusion in the 2024 Performance Tables (this includes the English and mathematics qualifications). The School does not accept other qualifications in lieu of those listed. (Click here for Key Stage 4 qualifications and discount codes.)

The grades to points conversion is shown below:

GCSE Subjects
Grade Points
9 9
8 8
7 7
6 6
5 5

The entry requirements have been set to ensure that students joining our sixth form are capable of undertaking our academic provision.

Subject specific entry requirements

Subject Entry Requirements
Art and Design Grade 6 in Art and Design

Grade 6 in Biology or Grade 7/7 in Combined Science plus Grade 6 in Mathematics

Business Studies

Grade 6 in Business Studies or Grade 6 in English (Language or Literature) plus Grade 6 in Mathematics


Grade 6 in Chemistry or Grade 7/7 in Combined Sciences plus Grade 6 in Mathematics

Computer Science Grade 6 in Computer Science
Design and Technology: Product Design Grade 6 in Design and Technology

Grade 6 in Mathematics and English (Language or Literature)

English Literature Grade 6 in English (Language or Literature)
French Grade 6 in French
Further Mathematics Grade 8 in Mathematics
Geography Grade 6 in Geography
German Grade 6 in German
Graphic Communication Grade 6 in Art and Design or Graphic Design
History Grade 6 in History
Mathematics Grade 7 in Mathematics
Music Grade 6 in GCSE Music or Grade 6 practical and Grade 5 theory (ABRSM or equivalent)
Physical Education Grade 6 in Physical Education

Grade 6 in Physics or Grade 7/7 in Combined Sciences plus Grade 7 in Mathematics

Politics Grade 6 in History or Geography
Psychology Grade 6 in English (Language or Literature), Mathematics and Biology
Religious Studies No additional requirements to those published
Spanish Grade 6 in Spanish