Physical Activity/Core PE Lessons - Remote Learning

The physical and mental health of our young students is vitally important.  That is why as a school we are advising students in all year groups to try and take at least 20-30 minutes of physical activity every day.  If this isn’t feasible then please try to ensure that they use their timetabled PE lessons as a minimum.  The type of activity undertaken can be anything that your child chooses, but should aim to raise their heart rate and get them breathing more heavily.  This could be a brisk walk around the block, a cycle ride at the local park or following one of many on-line exercise routines available.  Whichever they choose, please ensure that it complies with the latest government guidelines for exercising. 

Below are some links to on-line exercise sessions that could be done indoors: 

Alternatively, they may wish to try one of the running based challenges that are contained in links below:

Long Distance Running

Middle Distance Training

Sprint Training

Bournemouth School Strava Club (Year 9 and above)

The PE Department have set up a Strava Club for our students and staff to share their daily activity and help motivate each other to get out and exercise.  We will be posting updates and challenges via our Strava Club and our PE Department Twitter account.

Strava is an app and website that allows you to track your activities and share your efforts with friends.  Recording an activity with Strava is easy, and afterwards you'll have a detailed activity map and lots of performance data.

To access Strava please visit or download the app in your app store. (Please be aware that Strava does have a minimum age limit of 13)

Users have to create an account using an email address.  We would strongly advise that parents support their child whilst setting up their account, and that when setting up the account a school email address is used.  In order to keep our community safe, we would also like to remind users that they should only follow, and allow to be followed by people that they directly know.

We also strongly advise that Strava users set their account settings to ‘private'.  This can be done following the instructions below:

Settings > Privacy Controls > Profile Page - Your profile page displays information about you, such as your name, activities, followers, photos and stats – we advise that this is changed to ‘Followers’ - allowing only followers to see your complete profile page.

Settings > Privacy Controls > Activities - Activities are workouts, races or events you record or upload to Strava.  What you choose below will be your default, but you can change settings for each individual activity.  We advise that this is changed to ‘Followers’ - allowing only followers to see your activities.

Settings > Privacy Controls > Privacy Zones - Add a Privacy Zone to your profile by adding your address and a ‘radius in miles’ – this hides your start and finish points if they are near where you live.

Once you have downloaded the app search for Bournemouth School in the ‘Clubs’ section.

To access our PE Department twitter page, please search @BS_PE_Dept on your app or

Please remember to follow guidelines when exercising and stay safe