Admissions Appeals

Parents whose application for their child to be considered for admission to the school is unsuccessful have a right of appeal to an independent Admissions Appeals Panel.

In the first instance, they are invited to contact the school to discuss their dissatisfaction.  If they remain dissatisfied, they will be given details of the formal appeals procedures and the relevant forms to complete.  Traditionally, very few appeals are upheld and those that are tend to have significant professional supporting evidence.  It must be remembered that for the appeals process to be valid an application to the school must have been made according to the following arrangements:

  • submitting on time a valid “Registration for Testing” form;
  • the applicant taking all components of the entrance tests;
  • placing Bournemouth School on the application form submitted to the Local Authority (if applying for entry into Year 7).

Please see the Department for Education guidance Coronavirus (Covid-19): school admissions appeals.