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16 Aug 2019

2019 A Level Results

Students at Bournemouth School are celebrating some outstanding A level results.  Overall, almost 50% of all entries were graded A* or A (72% were graded A*-B, and 89% were graded A*-C), with the average point score per A level entry increasing to 42.2 (the equivalent of a high B grade) from 40.1 last year.  The proportion of the cohort attaining AAB or higher in two or more facilitating subjects also increased from 36% in 2018 to 40% this year. 

Amongst the most highly achieving students were Luke Howdle, Ayub Kharel, Patrick Pfeiffer and Harry Shaw (all achieving 4A*s).  Seven students have secured places at Cambridge University and five at Oxford University.  A further seven students have secured places to study medicine, veterinary medicine or dentistry.

Headmaster, Dr Dorian Lewis, commented:

“We are all delighted by our students’ achievements – not just the high fliers, but all those who have applied themselves so well over the last two years to achieve the grades they required to embark upon their chosen career path.  It is a credit to our staff that our students performed exceptionally well across a range of subject areas and leave us with such bright futures ahead of them.”