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22 Aug 2019

2019 GCSE Results

2019 GCSE Results at Bournemouth School

Students at Bournemouth School are celebrating some exceptional GCSE results. 

97% of students achieved a strong pass (5 to 9) in both English and mathematics.  Of all entries, 59% were graded 7 to 9, with students on average attaining more than 10.8 GCSEs (18% of entries were awarded the top grade).  The Attainment 8 figure for this year is 71.9, with a provisional analysis suggesting that in terms of students’ progress, the school would be considered as “well above average” in this regard.

Over 73% of students achieved a strong pass (5 to 9) in the English Baccalaureate, which is indicative of the breadth and challenge of our Key Stage 4 curriculum.  There were strong performances in a number of subject areas, especially biology, geography, mathematics, music, and PE.

There were some outstanding individual performances.  Maximilian Miramon achieved grade 9s in all 11 of his GCSEs. Robert Pritchard, Matthew Stone, Joseph Jackson and Malintha Hewa Betage all attained 11 GCSEs, of which 10 were the highest grade.  Overall, 19% of the cohort achieved 5 or more grade 9s, with 63% achieving at least 5 GCSEs graded 7-9 (the equivalent of A*/A).

Brothers Dillon and Shay Dhrona and their parents have much to celebrate.  Dillon has overcome substantial barriers to achieve strong passes in 6 GCSEs.  Younger brother Shay has supported his brother and achieved grades 5 to 8 in all 11 of his GCSEs.


Headmaster, Dr Dorian Lewis, commented:

“These really are some excellent results - a testament to the hard work of our students and the support and encouragement that they received both from our staff and their parents.  There were some outstanding individual performances in terms of both attainment and progress.  It is especially pleasing to see students overcome adversity, achieve well and be able to pursue their future goals.  This set of results, following our best ever A level results last week, ensures that we will begin the new term with optimism and a renewed determination to secure further improvements for our students.  This is an exciting time for the school – we will be joined by our largest ever Year 7 cohort next month, and plans to extend and improve our accommodation are coming to fruition.”