Work-related Learning, Higher Education and Careers

Bournemouth School is committed to ensuring that every student gains the skills, advice and guidance to help them make the best choices possible for their future careers.

The careers education programme is devised to help students get the most from their time at Bournemouth School and to prepare them for what lies beyond.  For students who are new to the school, (whether they are part of the Y7 intake, joining us in the Sixth Form or coming to us at another point in their education) the careers programme aims to help them settle in.  Changing school can be a daunting process especially for those students moving from smaller schools.  The programme is also designed to help students make informed decisions when there is a choice to be made, when moving from KS3 to KS4, when considering what to do (and where) at 16 and, for those that are in the Sixth Form, what options are available to them when they leave.

Students in Year 10 undertake two weeks work experience as part of their work related learning programme.  The emphasis is on the students organising their placements by writing to businesses and establishments that are related to a field that they are interested in.  All of the placements are either pre-approved (appearing on a database) or are checked to ensure that they meet stringent health and safety, insurance and child protection criteria.

As a school we buy in the services of an accredited Careers Advisor.  This ensures that our students have access to impartial and independent careers advice and guidance from a professional and up to date source.  The Careers Advisor also undertakes tracking and monitoring of students who have left Bournemouth School, either post 16 or post 18, and can help to ensure that they are being properly supported through their next phase in their career.

For further information on any aspect of the careers programme please feel free to email the Careers and WRL Coordinator

Work Experience

We believe that it is essential for our students to be well rounded and to have developed the skills that employers and higher education demand with jobs, apprenticeships and places at universities becoming more and more competitive.  

We believe that it is important for our students to receive work related learning and the most effective way of delivering this is through work experience.

Safeguarding of our students is of utmost importance, which is why we use Careers South West which is a recognised placement provider.  They have a database of pre-approved placements that are regularly checked for compliance with health and safety.

There is a real emphasis throughout the application process on the students taking responsibility for organising their own placements.  This gives them a greater deal of control and also develops those skills that they will require later on for applying to sixth forms, universities, jobs, gap years or apprenticeships.

Students may access the online database to search for placements at - Students will need to login by entering their name and 4 digit PIN (use lower case no capital letters).  PIN numbers are available from year 10 tutors and the WRL coordinator,

Students in year 10 will undertake work experience from Monday 11 May - Friday 22 May 2020.

Documents to support the process are available to download below and Mr Riddles, the WRL coordinator can be contacted for any queries.

The Careers Library

The Careers Library is situated in the room behind the Enquires Desk in the School Library, and is open to all students.

The Careers Library is well stocked with a variety of college and university prospectuses, pamphlets, leaflets, books and annual careers publications.  Here you will find all you need to know about Further and Higher Education, gap years, apprenticeships and student finance, as well as information on the requirements for specific jobs and careers.  There are also several books to help you get the job you want, which focus on filling in application forms, writing CVs, and performing well in interviews.

The Careers Library is split into 4 colour co-ordinated sections, in order to make books, magazines, leaflets and prospectuses easier to find.  The colours are as follows:

Blue : Finding out about Careers & Choices

Green : Applying for Work & Training incl. Apprenticeships

Yellow : Taking a Year Out & Student Finance

Red : Going to College & University

Higher & Degree Apprenticeship Advice (Ansbury)