Target-setting, Assessment and Reporting

Effective target-setting can significantly improve the performance of students.

To this end, individual targets are set for all students at the beginning of Year 7 and Year 12.  These individual targets are discussed with students and shared with parents.

Assessment is integral to effective teaching and learning and focuses on supporting students to achieve their full potential.  Bournemouth School students are regularly assessed and their progress monitored.  Guidance and individual support is given to ensure all students remain on track to achieve their personal targets.

In each academic year, parents receive three formal reports on their child’s progress.  One of these reports will be a full annual report.  In this report, subject staff will detail the student’s achievements in their subject and suggest ways in which their work may be improved.  The other two interim reports will briefly summarise the student’s current progress and/or effort in all subjects studied.  These summaries are designed to enable parents to readily identify any changes in their child’s attitude or attainment, so that any remedial steps considered necessary may be taken at the earliest opportunity.

In each academic year there will also be an opportunity for parents to meet teachers to discuss their child’s progress.  Parents are encouraged make every effort to take full advantage of this opportunity – even if they believe there are no issues of concern.

Download the Assessment, feedback and reporting policy here:

Assessment Feedback and Reporting

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