Welcome to our Sixth Form

We consider the Sixth Form to be the “Jewel in the Crown” of Bournemouth School. 

We are thrilled with our newly-built Sixth Form Study Centre, which will provide a professional working environment, coupled with our well-resourced library. This will also facilitate dedicated careers and pastoral support, alongside an academic and enrichment programme designed to engage and challenge all students. We firmly believe that Bournemouth School's Sixth Form has all the ingredients required to provide our students with a rewarding experience that supports them not only in their studies, but also with their personal development and future career plans.

We are delighted that the vast majority of our Year 11 students choose to continue with us to study A Levels in the Sixth Form.  They are joined by a growing number of students from a range of other local schools including an ever-increasing number of girls.  Students who join us in Year 12 are quickly integrated into the year group and make a significant contribution to the Sixth Form and School.

In our Sixth Form we hope that every student will have the opportunity to discover and develop their talents to their fullest potential.  As they move through our Sixth Form, students will be seen and treated as the leaders of the school community; they will enjoy additional privileges and freedoms, and take on greater responsibilities.

At the beginning of this journey students will find both tangible and more subtle differences to their school experience to date: studying fewer subjects to a much greater depth, having – for the first time – study periods, and being able to wear smart business dress as opposed to school uniform.

Academically, the Sixth Form offers students the opportunity to really stretch and challenge themselves:  A Levels offer a very different challenge to those posed by GCSEs.  Students will move from a broad programme of study in Year 11 to a narrow and specialised one, allowing them to study in greater detail and with greater rewards. All students at Bournemouth School have the opportunity to study up to 4 A Level courses.  

In addition, students have access to a wide range of enrichment and leadership opportunities.  Those who throw themselves into these aspects of school life are usually those who also find themselves towards the top end of the academic scale – the busiest people are indeed very often the most successful!  Sixth Form students play an important part in assisting with the smooth running of the school: sixth form students have a responsibility to set a good example to younger students, even if they do not take advantage of the more formal opportunities for leadership in the school community.

The two years of the Sixth Form prepare our students for whatever pathway they decide to follow whether it is university, apprenticeship, employment or a gap year.  Since access to these pathways is becoming increasingly more competitive, we aim to give students the edge by offering a range of opportunities and experiences to ultimately create well-rounded individuals.  We have a proven track record of supporting students to access a wide range of courses at the very best universities, both at home and abroad.

Bournemouth School offers a wide range of experiences both within and beyond the classroom to its Sixth Form students.  The more they are involved in the life of the school, the more satisfaction they will get from being part of this vibrant learning community.

We are incredibly proud of our Sixth Formers; they are an ambitious, aspirational, caring and highly-motivated group of young men and women who contribute fully to the life of the school.