Sixth Form Standards

Our Sixth Form Standards are a straightforward system of expectations which can be easily understood by students, staff and parents.

The aims of our Sixth Form Standards are:

  • to promote academic achievement
  • to promote responsibility for independent study and good study habits (including attendance, punctuality, completing work on time, high quality note-taking, independent study and revision, and performance in tests)
  • to encourage commitment to all elements of the Sixth Form programme
  • to encourage personal development with increasing responsibility and self-discipline
  • to promote participation in the wider life of the school
  • to provide a structure which challenges, monitors, rewards and supports performance across these objectives

There are six standards which set out the school’s expectations of Sixth Form students:

In order to succeed in the Sixth Form students need to be present. Attendance must be better than 95% (and, of course, students should aim for 100%).

Students need to be in the right place at the right time to benefit from our provision fully.

This means attendance at and participation in lessons, being on time for school, being properly prepared, completing homework assignments, pursuing independent study and revision, using study periods wisely, meeting coursework deadlines, and revising for examinations.

For a student, there is more to being a member of our Sixth Form than simply studying their chosen subjects.  It is a school community in which they have the opportunity to get involved.  By choosing to join our Sixth Form, rather than go elsewhere, they have opted into the routine, expectations and events which make up the life of this community.

Our aim in the Sixth Form is to promote a high degree of autonomy, self-discipline and responsibility.

Dress code
Sixth Form dress is particularly important as the more senior students act as role models for younger pupils and often represent the school on formal occasions.

Students who consistently meet the Standards will enjoy greater autonomy within the Sixth Form. Those who fail to meet the Standards will have freedoms withdrawn and sanctions enforced.  Students who fail to meet the Standards are challenged and supported by a more structured regime. We may inform parents when Standards are not met and we will also use the Standards within regular reviews discussions.  Further details about our standards are given to students and parents during the application and induction processes.

Supporting students to meet the Sixth Form Standards

Students in the Sixth Form are divided into mixed tutor groups consisting of both Year 12 and 13s. We intend the tutor to stay with the tutor group throughout the Sixth Form, to maintain a continuity of care and ensure that each student is well known, well understood and fully supported and advised throughout his or her Sixth Form career.

At the start of the Autumn term students will be given minimum expected grades (MEGs) for each subject. These grades are worked out using prior attainment (GCSEs) calculations.  Progress in relation to MEGs is closely monitored throughout the Sixth Form by a regular review process with the emphasis being on individual subject help and support.  Subject and pastoral staff are both involved in this process. Tutors hold a formal tutorial with students each half-term.  In the event of significant problems arising, tutors will communicate with parents in order to keep them fully informed. 

Teachers will regularly mark students’ work and give them feedback. This feedback will inform them clearly about the progress being achieved and the steps necessary to move to a higher standard.  If teachers are concerned about academic performance, they will in the first instance have a discussion with the student and if warranted, the tutor and Head of Year will be notified.

In addition to the support available in school from teachers, the school nurse, Head of Year and other school staff, there are also outside agencies that work with us to support the members of our sixth form.