Joining Years 7-11

Although the usual ages of admission are 11 and 16, suitably qualified boys may be admitted between these ages when there are vacancies.

Applicants are required to demonstrate that they are of the standard to warrant automatic entry to the school.  For admission outside the normal points of entry, applications will only be accepted for admission into the Year group appropriate to the applicant’s date of birth.  Entry to Years 7 to 11 is by means of assessment tests carried out at the school.  Tests which are appropriate to the level of entry are used.  Further information is available at the time of application.  

If an applicant has been tested in the past, the assessments will not be repeated within 12 months of the last stage of the process, e.g. the last panel or appeals meeting at which the candidate was assessed or reviewed.  Any subsequent application will require written confirmation from the candidate’s Head Teacher that accelerated progress has been made. 

Testing for admission outside the normal points of entry is carried out as soon as practicable after the application is received by the school.  For in-year applicants, the school also requires the parents to complete a Registration Form and submit the form directly to the school at least 10 school days before the proposed test date.