Headteacher's Welcome

From the moment I first walked into Bournemouth School, well before applying for the position of headmaster, I knew that this was the school for me! It reminded me so much of my own grammar school - from the house system to the parquet floor in the main hall, from the thriving extra-curricular programme to the purposeful atmosphere. The mantra of "hard work, discipline, smart appearance and respect", echoes the traditional values that had been instilled in me as a boy and continues to provide a focus for our school improvement. We have not sought to be trendy, have resisted the temptation to jump on educational bandwagons, and have not manipulated examination statistics to rise up the league tables; we have simply focussed upon the basics and the needs of our students. I have come to realise that Bournemouth School is a very special school, with not only its examination results, but also its ethos and traditional values setting it apart from other schools. It is a privilege to serve as headmaster, and a joy to work with the young people entrusted to us.