The School Day

Times of the School Day

Boys should not normally arrive at school before 8.00am and must leave the site before 4.00pm unless they are involved in an organised activity as we are not able to accept responsibility for them outside of these times.



Time Event
8.15 Arrive at Form Room
8.20 Registration
8.25 Movement
8.30 Period 1
9.20 Movement
9.25 Period 2
10.15 Break
10.35 Period 3
11.25 Movement
11.30 Period 4
12.20 Movement
12.25 Assembly / Tutor Time
12.45 Lunch
13.45 Period 5
14.35 Movement
14.40 Period 6
15.30 End of School

A Homework Club runs in the school Library each evening until 5:00pm (4:30pm Friday).



Sound Action
5 short bursts Lesson change
3 long bursts Students and staff must remain in classrooms until further notice.
12 short bursts Students must return directly to their tutor room to receive further direction (usually used in deteriorating weather conditions).
Continuous Fire Alarm
Students should immediately (without collecting bags) leave the building in silence under the supervision of staff and gather at the assembly point.

Breaks and Lunchtimes

Breaks and Lunchtimes

Students in Years 7 – 11 are not allowed off the school site during break and lunchtimes.

The school grounds include an area of woodland, commonly referred to as ‘the copse’.  We feel privileged that our students are able to enjoy such an area at break time and lunchtimes, and also walk through it to attend activities at the Sir David English Centre and the school field.

There is public access through some parts of the copse area.  Whilst we do inspect the area frequently there may also be litter, fallen trees and poisonous plants.  The area is patrolled by staff and prefects, but so that we may all enjoy this facility safely it is important that students

  • Do not use the area on their own;

  • Inform staff of any identified potential hazards;

  • Contact Reception should there be an accident;

  • Are aware of the potential risk of slippery mud or ice, uneven ground, fallen trees and litter;

  • Are aware of both poisonous plants and those that are normally harmless but may cause an allergic reaction;

  • Treat the area with respect.