School Governance

As we are an academy, the School’s governors (or “trustees”) are responsible for governing a charitable company and directing how it is managed and run. Trustees also ensure that the trust complies with all legal and statutory requirements, and monitors performance, including academic achievements, attendance rates, and the progress of students. Trustees analyse data, ask challenging questions, and hold the school’s senior leaders accountable for meeting targets and delivering high-quality education.

The board of trustees operates at a strategic level, leaving the headteacher and senior colleagues responsible and accountable to it for the operational day-to-day running of the school. All trustees are volunteers

At Bournemouth School the majority of “trustees” are also “members” and sit on the board of the trust (those employed by the school are not members). Members ensure that the academy trust’s charitable objectives are being met, maintain an overview of the effectiveness of the trust structure and have the power to appoint and remove trustees.

The Governing Body of Bournemouth School currently comprises 15 trustees:

ChairMr Mike Jones
Vice chairMr Alan Turle
Parent governorsDr Jeff Bray
Mrs Daphne Skotnicki
Dr Maria Vassallo
Mr Stephen Ness
Staff governors*Miss Michele Gosling
Dr Dorian Lewis
Mrs Cara Lloyd-Hopkins
Mrs Jen Roche
Other governorsDr David Biggins
Mrs Emily Marshall
Mr Will Pyke
Mr A Spotswood
Ms K Turton

*Staff governors are not "members"

Parents, including carers, of pupils are eligible to stand for election as trustees. Parent trustees are elected by other parents at the school. All parents are advised of when an election is to be held.
Members of the Governing Body may be contacted through the Clerk. Correspondence should be sent to the usual school address, clearly marked for the attention of the Clerk to the Governing Body, or by email to [email protected]

Governing Body Committees

The majority of the routine work of the governing body is undertaken through four main committees:

  • The Resources Committee
    consisting of 8 trustees, focusing on finance, buildings and personnel.
  • The Audit Committee
    consisting of 3 trustees, providing advice to the Resource Committee and Full Governing Body on all matters related to the academy’s financial management.
  • The Student Experience Committee (SEC)
    consisting of 12 trustees, focusing on the students: curriculum, overall performance, well-being and behaviour.
  • The Futures Committee
    consisting of the Chair and Vice Chair of the FGB, the Chair and Vice Chair of the Resource, Audit and Student Experience Committees and the Headmaster. This committee sets the agenda for the meetings of the committees at the beginning of each term, considers the membership of the governing body and the other committees, determines any skills deficits and training needs, and considers the risks to which the academy is currently exposed.

The Full Governing Body (FGB) meets four times a year. The Futures, Audit and Resources Committees meet once per term, whereas the Student Experiences Committee meets twice termly. The dates of meetings of the Governing Body and the above committees are published on the school’s calendar.

There are also a number of other committees that meet as required:

  • Staff Discipline/Dismissal Committee
  • Staff Discipline/Dismissal Appeals Committee
  • Pupil Discipline Committee
  • Pay Committee
  • Appeals Committee
  • Admissions Committee
  • Complaints Committee