Extra-curricular Opportunities

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

In addition to learning within the structured timetable of more than 25 hours a week, Bournemouth School also offers students a rich array of learning activities outside the classroom.

The volume and diversity of extra-curricular activities ensures that the interests and talents of individuals are met. Numerous trips provide good opportunities to experience and learn about different cultures. During the week before the summer half term students in Years 7 to 9 (whilst Year 10 complete their work experience) are engaged in a wide range of activities. A variety of trips out of school such as to Marwell Zoo, the Globe Theatre, Avon Tyrell and Portchester Castle are complemented by a number of activities in school, such as art and drama workshops, personal development presentations, and enterprise and languages activities.

Whilst the precise nature and timing of trips and visits changes from year to year, the mainstays of our extra-curricular provision are sport, music, the Combined Cadet Force, the Scouts and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Sport and physical education are at the heart of life within Bournemouth School. Students are encouraged to perform to their maximum capabilities in lessons, within the House sports programme, as part of the comprehensive extra-curricular programme or through the vast number of representative teams competing at local, regional and national level. A broad range of extra-curricular activities for those students who do not wish to compete in the main team events are offered, including options such as surfing, fencing, climbing, table tennis, dance, martial arts, basketball and badminton.

Our music department aims provide students with the opportunity to engage in all aspects of creative music making. A broad and balanced curriculum delivered in lessons across all Key Stages is supplemented by a full programme of extra-curricular activities and visits. We also benefit from a team of visiting music teachers who teach a range of instruments. All students are strongly encouraged to develop their musical ability and join in some of the school music groups when they reach the appropriate standard.

Bournemouth School is one of very few maintained schools in the United Kingdom that has a Combined Cadet Force. We have Army, Navy and RAF sections and students who choose to join have wonderful opportunities to travel, sail, fly and take part in outdoor activities. In addition, the school has a Scout troop, including a RN Sea-Scout section, which affords boys further opportunities to learn skills related to the outdoor life. Students from both the CCF and Scouts compete in events such as the annual Ten Tors expedition, and have the opportunity to participate in overseas expeditions and regional, national and international events. We are also a Duke of Edinburgh licensed centre.

The activities described above are supplemented by the offer of a number of other clubs to meet the diverse interests of our students. The tables below lists some of the extra-curricular activities available.

Lunchtime clubs and activities
MondayMusic TheoryGCSE & A Level12:45pmRoom 13b
Barbershop Choir12:45pmRoom 11
Politics/Debate Society12:45pmLecture Theatre
Biology Clinic9-131:00pmRoom 38
GCSE Graphics & Art9-1112:45pmArt
Technology NEA11 & 1312:45pmTechnology
TuesdayOrchestra12:30pmRoom 12
Book Club7 & 812:20pmLibrary
Science Club7 & 812:45pmScience
Digging DeeperAll years12:45pmRoom 10
Technology NEA11 & 1312:45pmTechnology
Chemistry Clinic9-1312:45pmRoom 43
WednesdayRock Ensemble12:45pmRoom 11
String Quartet12:45pmRoom 12
Warhammer/Pokemon & Yu-Gi-OhAll12:20pmLibrary
GCSE Graphics & Art9-1112:45pmArt
Technology NEA11 & 1312:45pmTechnology
Physics PAT & Olympiad1312:45pmRoom 30
Computing Clinic9-131:00pmICT1
ThursdayMaths - MAT, STEP & TMUA12 & 1312:45pmRoom 72
GCSE Maths9-1112:45pmRoom 70
Technology NEA11-1312:45pmTechnology
Carmina Burana Choir12:30pmRoom 12
Creative WritingAll years12:45pmWeek 1 - Library
Physics Drop-inAll years12:45pmRoom 33
FridayMaths - MAT, STEP & TMUA12 & 1312:45pmRoom 72
Music Starters Ensemble12:30pmRoom 12
GCSE Graphics & Art9-1112:45pmArt
Choir12:30pmRoom 11
After-school clubs and activities
MondayFootball10 & 113:30pmSports hall
BasketballAll years (pre-book)3:30pmSports hall
TuesdayConcert Band3:30pmRoom 12
Football73:30pmSports hall
Rugby8-113:30pmSports hall
GCSE Graphics & Art9-113:30pmArt
WednesdayDungeons & Dragons3:40pmOld gym
Big Band3:30pmRoom 12
Cross CountryAll years3:30pmSports hall
BadmintonYear 7 (pre-book)3:30pmSports hall
ThursdayFootball83:30pmSports hall
Rugby73:30pmSports hall
BadmintonAll years (pre-book)3:30pmSports hall
Table TennisAll years (pre-book)3:30pmSports hall
GCSE Graphics & Art9-113:30pmArt
FridayFootball103:30pmSports hall
JudoAll years (pre-book)3:30pmSports hall

During the year, Houses compete against each other in a number of activities which may change from year to year. These activities may include:

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Chess
  • Music
  • Speech competition
  • Drama

Student successes in these competitions are reported in the school’s newsletter. The annual House Competition culminates in the school’s Sports’ Day, which normally takes place in July. The students take great pride in their House, and all competitions are fiercely (and fairly) contested!