Pastoral System

Pastoral System

Each child has a Form Tutor and a Head of Year. Students have daily contact with their Form Tutor.  A Form Tutor has the responsibility of monitoring each tutee’s academic progress, attendance, behaviour and overall well-being.  A student’s Form Tutor is normally the first point of contact for:

  • routine matters, including ordinary absence;
  • private issues including family matters;
  • progress or discipline.

Tutors are supported by Heads of Year who will automatically be involved by the Form Tutor in any matters that are not routine. If we have serious concerns about a student then it is likely to be the Head of Year who contacts parents.  Parents should contact the Head of Year if they have already raised a matter of concern with the Form Tutor but are unhappy with the outcome.

The House System

Each student is a member of one of six houses, each with a house colour, prefect team and House Leader.

During the year the Houses compete against each other in a range of activities.  The annual House Competition culminates in the school’s House Events and Sports’ Day in July.  Students take great pride in their House, and all competitions are fiercely (and fairly) contested!  Each year, Houses choose a charity to support and are assigned a week in the school calendar for fundraising. Events include activities such as cake sales, quizzes, sports tournaments and discos; it is not unusual for a House to raise over £2,000 for their chosen charity in that week.

Peer mentoring also takes place through the House system with a range of support offered by older students to younger ones.