All available information relating to internal and public examinations is published below. For any further information, please contact our examinations manager.

The following documentation is provided by JCQ for all candidates.

Timetables for Summer 2024

Individual timetables for candidates will be emailed once seating information is confirmed. 

DateStartDurationLevelSubjectComponent CodeComponent TitleBoard
Thu 09 May09:0002:00GCSEReligious StudiesC120U10-1RS Route A COMP1 in the Modern WorldWJEC/GCSE
Fri 10 May09:0001:45GCSEBiology8461/1HBiology Paper 1 Tier HAQA
Fri 10 May13:3000:35GCSEGerman1GN0 1FListening [F]EDEXL/GCSE
Fri 10 May13:3000:45GCSEGerman1GN0 3FReading [F]EDEXL/GCSE
Fri 10 May13:3000:45GCSEGerman1GN0 1HListening [H]EDEXL/GCSE
Fri 10 May13:3001:00GCSEGerman1GN0 3HReading [H]EDEXL/GCSE
Mon 13 May09:0001:45GCSEEnglish8702/1English Literature Paper 1AQA
Tue 14 May09:0002:00A LevelBusiness Studies7132/1Business ADV Paper 1AQA
Tue 14 May09:0000:35GCSEFrench1FR0 1FListening [F]EDEXL/GCSE
Tue 14 May09:0000:45GCSEFrench1FR0 3FReading [F]EDEXL/GCSE
Tue 14 May09:0000:45GCSEFrench1FR0 1HListening [H]EDEXL/GCSE
Tue 14 May09:0001:00GCSEFrench1FR0 3HReading [H]EDEXL/GCSE
Tue 14 May13:3001:45GCSEBusiness Studies8132/1Business Paper 1AQA
Wed 15 May09:0002:00A LevelEconomics7136/1Economics ADV Paper 1AQA
Wed 15 May09:0001:15GCSEHistory1HI0 10Crime & PunishmentEDEXL/GCSE
Wed 15 May13:3001:30GCSEComputer ScienceJ277/01Comp Sci: Computer Systems WrtnOCR
Thu 16 May09:0002:15A LevelGeography9GE0 01Paper OneEDEXL/GCE
Thu 16 May09:0001:30GCSEMathematics1MA1 1HNon Calculator [H]EDEXL/GCSE
Thu 16 May13:3002:00A LevelMathematics8MA0 01Pure MathematicsEDEXL/GCE
Thu 16 May13:3001:00GCSEReligious StudiesC120U20-1RS Routea COMP2 Study OfchristianityWJEC/GCSE
Fri 17 May09:0002:00A LevelPsychology7182/1Psychology ADV Paper 1AQA
Fri 17 May09:0001:45GCSEChemistry8462/1HChemistry Paper 1 Tier HAQA
Fri 17 May13:3001:30GCSEGeography1GB0 01Global Geog.IssuesEDEXL/GCSE
Mon 20 May09:0002:15GCSEEnglish8702/2Eng Lit Paper 2AQA
Mon 20 May13:3002:00A LevelEconomics7136/2Economics ADV Paper 2AQA
Tue 21 May09:0002:00A LevelBusiness Studies7132/2Business ADV Paper 2AQA
Tue 21 May09:0001:15GCSEGerman1GN0 4FWriting [F]EDEXL/GCSE
Tue 21 May09:0001:20GCSEGerman1GN0 4HWriting [H]EDEXL/GCSE
Tue 21 May13:3002:00A LevelPolitics9PL0 01UK PoliticsEDEXL/GCE
Tue 21 May13:3001:30GCSEComputer ScienceJ277/02Comp Sci: Comp Thnk Algrthm Prgrm WtnOCR
Wed 22 May09:0002:00A LevelPsychology7182/2Psychology ADV Paper 2AQA
Wed 22 May09:0001:45GCSEPhysics8463/1HPhysics Paper 1 Tier HAQA
Wed 22 May13:3001:15GCSEPhysical Education8582/1Physical Education Paper 1AQA
Wed 22 May13:3001:30A LevelFurther Maths9FM0 01Core Pure Maths.1EDEXL/GCE
Thu 23 May09:0001:45GCSEEnglish8700/1English Language Paper 1AQA
Thu 23 May09:0002:30A LevelHistoryY318/01Hist A: Russia & Its Rulers WrtnOCR
Thu 23 May13:3001:15A LevelMathematics8MA0 02Statistics & MechanicsEDEXL/GCE
Thu 23 May13:3000:00A LevelMathematics8MA0 21StatisticsEDEXL/GCE
Thu 23 May13:3000:00A LevelMathematics8MA0 22MechanicsEDEXL/GCE
Fri 24 May09:0002:00A LevelPhysical Education7582/1Physical Education ADV Paper 1AQA
Fri 24 May09:0002:00A LevelPhysics7408/1Physics ADV Paper 1AQA
Fri 24 May09:0003:00A LevelEnglish7712/1English Literature A ADV P1AQA
Fri 24 May09:0001:15GCSEFrench1FR0 4FWriting [F]EDEXL/GCSE
Fri 24 May09:0001:20GCSEFrench1FR0 4HWriting [H]EDEXL/GCSE
Mon 03 Jun09:0002:15A LevelGeography9GE0 02Paper TwoEDEXL/GCE
Mon 03 Jun09:0001:30GCSEMathematics1MA1 2HCalculator [H]EDEXL/GCSE
Mon 03 Jun13:3002:00A LevelPsychology7182/3Psychology ADV Paper 3AQA
Mon 03 Jun13:3001:15GCSEPhysical Education8582/2Physical Education Paper 2AQA
Mon 03 Jun13:3001:30A LevelFurther Maths9FM0 02Core Pure Maths.2EDEXL/GCE
Tue 04 Jun09:0000:35GCSESpanish1SP0 1FListening [F]EDEXL/GCSE
Tue 04 Jun09:0000:45GCSESpanish1SP0 3FReading [F]EDEXL/GCSE
Tue 04 Jun09:0000:45GCSESpanish1SP0 1HListening [H]EDEXL/GCSE
Tue 04 Jun09:0001:00GCSESpanish1SP0 3HReading [H]EDEXL/GCSE
Tue 04 Jun13:3002:00A LevelMathematics9MA0 01Pure Mathematics 1EDEXL/GCE
Tue 04 Jun13:3000:00GCSEHistory1HI0 B4Early ElizabethanEDEXL/GCSE
Tue 04 Jun13:3000:00GCSEHistory1HI0 P4Superpower RelationsEDEXL/GCSE
Tue 04 Jun13:3001:45GCSEHistory1HI0 2RSuperpower ElizabethanEDEXL/GCSE
Wed 05 Jun09:0002:00A LevelPhysical Education7582/2Physical Education ADV Paper 2AQA
Wed 05 Jun09:0002:30A LevelEnglish7712/2BEnglish Literature A ADV P2 Opt BAQA
Wed 05 Jun09:0001:30GCSEGeography1GB0 02UK Geographical IssuesEDEXL/GCSE
Wed 05 Jun13:3002:00A LevelBiology7402/1Biology ADV Paper 1AQA
Wed 05 Jun13:3001:45GCSEBusiness Studies8132/2Business Paper 2AQA
Wed 05 Jun13:3002:30A LevelD&T9DT0 01Principles of D & TEDEXL/GCE
Wed 05 Jun13:3002:00A LevelPolitics9PL0 02UK GovernmentEDEXL/GCE
Thu 06 Jun09:0002:00A LevelBusiness Studies7132/3Business ADV Paper 3AQA
Thu 06 Jun09:0002:00A LevelPhysics7408/2Physics ADV Paper 2AQA
Thu 06 Jun09:0001:45GCSEEnglish8700/2English Language Paper 2AQA
Fri 07 Jun09:0002:00A LevelEconomics7136/3Economics ADV Paper 3AQA
Fri 07 Jun09:0002:00A LevelSpanish9SP0 01Listen Read. & TranslationEDEXL/GCE
Fri 07 Jun09:0001:00GCSEReligious StudiesC120U60-1RS Component 3 JudaismWJEC/GCSE
Fri 07 Jun13:3001:45GCSEBiology8461/2HBiology Paper 2 Tier HAQA
Fri 07 Jun13:3001:30A LevelFurther Maths9FM0 3CFurther Mechanics 1EDEXL/GCE
Fri 07 Jun13:3001:30A LevelHistoryY112/01History A: Britain 1900-1951 WrtnOCR
Mon 10 Jun09:0002:00A LevelChemistry7405/1Chemistry ADV Paper 1AQA
Mon 10 Jun09:0002:00A LevelFrench9FR0 01Listen Read. & TranslationEDEXL/GCE
Mon 10 Jun09:0001:30GCSEMathematics1MA1 3HCalculator [H]EDEXL/GCSE
Mon 10 Jun09:0002:00A LevelReligious StudiesA120UC0-1RS COMPONENT1C Study of JudaismWJEC/GCE
Mon 10 Jun13:3002:15A LevelGeography9GE0 03Paper ThreeEDEXL/GCE
Mon 10 Jun13:3001:15GCSESpanish1SP0 4FWriting [F]EDEXL/GCSE
Mon 10 Jun13:3001:20GCSESpanish1SP0 4HWriting [H]EDEXL/GCSE
Mon 10 Jun13:3002:30A LevelComputer ScienceH446/01Comp Sci: Computer Systems WrtnOCR
Tue 11 Jun09:0001:45GCSEChemistry8462/2HChemistry Paper 2 Tier HAQA
Tue 11 Jun09:0001:00A LevelHistoryY212/01Hist A: Amrcn Rvltn 1740-1796 WrtnOCR
Tue 11 Jun13:3002:00A LevelMathematics9MA0 02Pure Mathematics 2EDEXL/GCE
Tue 11 Jun13:3001:20GCSEHistory1HI0 31Weimar & Nazi GermanyEDEXL/GCSE
Fri 14 Jun09:0002:00A LevelBiology7402/2Biology ADV Paper 2AQA
Fri 14 Jun09:0002:00A LevelPolitics9PL0 3BCompar. Politics-GlobalEDEXL/GCE
Fri 14 Jun09:0001:30GCSEGeography1GB0 03People & Environ.IssuesEDEXL/GCSE
Fri 14 Jun13:3001:45GCSEPhysics8463/2HPhysics Paper 2 Tier HAQA
Fri 14 Jun13:3001:30A LevelFurther Maths9FM0 3BFurther Statistics 1EDEXL/GCE
Mon 17 Jun09:0002:00A LevelPhysics7408/3/DPhysics ADV P3 Sections A & B Opt DAQA
Mon 17 Jun09:0002:40A LevelSpanish9SP0 02Writ. Resp. Works & TransEDEXL/GCE
Mon 17 Jun13:3001:45GCSEMusic1MU0 03AppraisingEDEXL/GCSE
Mon 17 Jun13:3002:00A LevelReligious StudiesA120U20-1RS COMPONENT2 Philosophy of ReligionWJEC/GCE
Tue 18 Jun09:0002:00A LevelChemistry7405/2Chemistry ADV Paper 2AQA
Tue 18 Jun09:0001:45GCSED&T1DT0 1FTimbersEDEXL/GCSE
Tue 18 Jun13:3002:30A LevelComputer ScienceH446/02Comp Sci: Algrthms & Prgrming WrtnOCR
Wed 19 Jun09:0002:00A LevelBiology7402/3Biology ADV Paper 3AQA
Wed 19 Jun09:0002:40A LevelFrench9FR0 02Writ. Resp. Works & TransEDEXL/GCE
Wed 19 Jun09:0001:30GCSEFPaNJ309/01Food Prep: Food Prprtn & Ntrtn WrtnOCR
Wed 19 Jun13:3001:30A LevelFurther Maths9FM0 3AFurther Pure Maths.1EDEXL/GCE
Thu 20 Jun09:0002:00A LevelReligious StudiesA120U30-1RS Component 3 Religion & EthicsWJEC/GCE
Thu 20 Jun13:3002:00A LevelMathematics9MA0 03Statistics & MechanicsEDEXL/GCE
Thu 20 Jun13:3000:00A LevelMathematics9MA0 31StatisticsEDEXL/GCE
Thu 20 Jun13:3000:00A LevelMathematics9MA0 32MechanicsEDEXL/GCE
Fri 21 Jun09:0002:00A LevelChemistry7405/3Chemistry ADV Paper 3AQA
Fri 21 Jun13:3001:30A LevelFurther Maths9FM0 3DDecision Maths.1EDEXL/GCE