Dungeons and Dragons Results

The annual Dungeons and Dragons house competition has finally been announced, and Darwin house has been crowned victor.

Toby in 10D took the accolade of House Champion with an expansive story hook that starts in the market town of Thaernward before journeying across the vast, and original, continent of Estrykum.

Year winners include: Felix in 7E, Kyle in 8D, Oli in 9D, and Jack 10E; with a special mention to Sam in 8M who created a very impressive great axe with a 3D printer.

With over 115 entries this year it took the judges a little longer to go through all of the monsters, models and storylines that were produced, but they were all blown away by the creativity and imagination that all the students put into their work. Our outside adjudicator was particularly impressed with the winners, noting that all of the entries would fit seamlessly into any D&D game.