Bournemouth School has a policy of providing nutritious, well-balanced meals for its students at reasonable prices.

In our dining facility, Le Bistro, a two week menu cycle is used and main meals (with vegetarian and gluten-free alternatives), desserts and drinks are available every day. The kitchens are well run by a fully qualified Catering Manager and the meals are cooked using only fresh ingredients.  Alongside the main lunch counter, a ‘Grab and Go’ area is available where the students have a choice of items such as sandwiches, hot filled baguettes, wraps and salads.

For students who arrive early, we also provide a breakfast service.  A mid-morning snack service is also available. 

Students can purchase a meal deal, consisting of a main meal/sandwich/wrap, and a dessert/piece of fruit. A selection of snacks, fruit juices, canned drinks and bottled water can be purchased from a vending machine.

We use a cashless system where parents purchase credit via Wisepay (see below). The credit is attached to the student’s ID card and, when presented to the cashier, the value of the meal is deducted from the account.  There is a minimum payment of £10 and we regularly email parents when students’ accounts are running low.

We ask parents to ensure that students have a sufficient balance on their cards to enable them to make their intended purchases as we do not offer credit. Parents are able to view purchases on Wisepay, and request that their child is prevented from making specific purchases (e.g. from the vending machine). Lost cards should be reported promptly so that a stop can be placed on an account; cards will be replaced at a charge.


WisePay is a quick, easy and secure online payment service that allows parents to make payments to school using debit or credit cards.  Payments can be made for school meals, trips, book purchases, clubs, sports or music lessons from anywhere that has an internet connection.  You can see your payment history and any instalments due in your ‘Wise Account’.  All the money paid via WisePay is transferred directly to the school bank account.  The school and WisePay have no access to your card details, and you will receive a receipt for any payments.

WisePay allows us to run a ‘first come first served’ system for oversubscribed trips.  Letters advising of trip availability are emailed to parents and also posted on the school website.

Details of how to login to WisePay will be given to parents after their child joins the school.


Available every day until noon:

  • Bacon, hash brown and cheese mini baguette roll
  • Hash brown and cheese mini baguette roll
  • Sausage roll
  • Bacon or sausage bap
  • Meat/cheese pizza slice
  • Savoury slice
  • Homemade soup of the day with crusty bread roll


WEEK 1  

Baked sausage roll
Baked vegetarian sausage roll

Served with hash rounds and baked beans


Oven baked chicken supreme
Oven baked vegan Quorn breast

Served with garlic cream sauce and buttered garden peas with pilau rice


Lean minced beef lasagne 
Vegetarian lasagne

Served with garlic bread and dressed salad


Chicken and Spanish Chorizo sausage paella
Grilled Mediterranean vegetable paella

Served with garlic bread 


Baked fillet of cod
Vegetarian Kiev

Served with chunky chips and baked beans

WEEK  2  

Chicken and sweetcorn Bolognaise pasta bake
Mediterranean vegetable Bolognaise pasta bake

Served with garlic bread


Oven baked beef Cornish pasty
Oven baked vegetable Cornish pasty

Served with buttered mixed vegetables and herb-crust diced potatoes


Homemade chicken Manchurian
Homemade vegetable Manchurian

Served with steamed basmati rice


Roast pork loin/chicken supreme
Roasted vegetable Tian

Served with buttered seasonal vegetables, roast potatoes and gravy


Baked fillet of cod
Vegetarian Kiev

Served with chunky chips and baked beans


Self service

Hot counter

  • Farmhouse Le Bistro baguette
  • Bell pepper, cheese and tomato panini
  • Kitchen specials

Cold counter

A selection of sandwiches, baguettes, wraps, pasta and salads.