Sixth Form

Bournemouth Sixth Form 2Joining Bournemouth School from an all-girl environment was a little daunting. I soon found out, however, that once I successfully got my bearings around the school corridors and met all of my teachers, that there was nothing to fear. Being a girl in a male dominated school has its benefits and drawbacks. The boys can be perceived as determined and competitive, but they have also been very welcoming (even holding doors open for me!). I have really enjoyed my time at the school so far. I feel just as a part of Bournemouth School as anyone else and have formed the same amazing relationships across the whole school. There are some fantastic opportunities for all students, and I feel proud to be able to serve the School Community as a Deputy School Captain.

Bournemouth Sixth FormIt seems so long ago since I was the only one to join Year 7 from my primary school in Kinson. I soon overcame my initial anxieties and threw myself into all aspects of school life. Sport has featured significantly throughout my time at Bournemouth School and has helped extend my circle of friends. I can still hardly believe that I became a senior prefect and the Newton House captain. Over time, I've developed really good relationships with many staff, especially my Head of House and A level teachers. I am just about to leave the school to take up a commission in the Royal Navy.

I always look back at my time in here with fondness. I hope to keep in touch and look forward to returning one day to talk to future students about my travels and adventures.