Joining Years 7 to 11 mid-year

Parents wishing to apply outside a normal point of entry must do so through their local authority. 

Although the usual ages of admission are 11 and 16, suitably qualified students may be admitted between these ages when there are vacancies.

Applicants are required to demonstrate that they are of the required standard.  The determination of eligibility for admission into years 7 – 11 is valid for 2 calendar years from the date of testing.  After such time, eligible applicants wishing to remain on the waiting list must be re-tested to ensure that they are of required standard.  

For admission outside the normal points of entry, applications will only, other than in the most exceptional circumstances, be accepted for admission into the year group appropriate to the applicant’s date of birth.

We will notify parents in writing at least two weeks prior to the date of the test.  Parents will be required to complete registration forms before the test date can be confirmed.  Following testing, parents will be notified of the decision as soon as possible.  Applications which are refused may be appealed (see section 8 of the Admissions Policy).