Parent/Student Agreement

Parent/Student Agreement

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Use of school computers - Step 1 of 4

Students and their parents should read the following points carefully and make sure that they understand everything before signing the consent form. Students grated access to the school network, including email, must abide by the code of conduct.

All users of the Network, Internet and email are expected to abide by these rules of computer and network use:

  • Be polite when using email.
  • Do not use email to bully or insult others.
  • Do not use inappropriate or unacceptable language.
  • Never reveal your personal address or telephone number or those of fellow students to people unknown to you.
  • Email is not private. We scan and periodically sample. Never say anything or engage in anything that you would not be happy to write on a postcard that could be read by everyone.
  • Inform a member of staff IMMEDIATELY should you discover an obscene or offensive web page so that its access can be blocked.

Students agree that they will not perform unacceptable actions, including:

  • Trying to bypass any security measures
  • Completing questionnaires or subscription forms without checking with a member of staff
  • Damaging, degrading or disrupting the performance of equipment or systems
  • Attempting to retrieve information about hacking or attempt to hack our system
  • Downloading programmes
  • Playing games that have not been placed on the network by the school administrators
  • Sending or displaying offending messages, pictures, videos or sound
  • Taking part in online newsgroups or chat lines
  • Using the Internet to buy or sell anything
  • Using the Internet to access obscene or offensive web pages/material
  • Using the network for any illegal activity, including the violation of copyright or other laws
  • Using the network in ways that break the school rules and standards of behaviour
  • Using someone else’s account, either with or without permission
  • Telling another user their password

The school will electronically audit Internet and email usage at all times; a record of this is kept.

Abusing the school's network or the Internet will result in appropriate sanctions, which may include:

  • Loss of access to the Internet
  • Loss of access to the school network
  • Loss of access to school email
  • Disciplinary action (including exclusions)
  • Involvement of external agencies, if necessary, including the police
  • Paying for wastage/damage.

Electronically signing this consent form confirms that the student and their parent(s) have read and agree to abide by this code of conduct.

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