Free School Meals

Free School Meals

Can my child get Free School Meals (FSM)?

Probably YES - if you're receiving one or more of...

  • income support
  • income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • income-related employment and support allowance
  • Child Tax Credit with an annual salary of maximum £16,190 before tax
  • Universal Credit with a household income of maximum £7,400 after tax

There are three ways to apply:

Speak to Mrs Issott, who will help you to complete the application form. You can contact Mrs Issott by email or by telephoning the school on 01202 512609.


Collect a form from school reception.


Complete the form online at the BCP council website.

Guide to completing the FSM form

The following illustrates how best to complete the BCP Free Schools Meals application form.

Frequently asked questions

How does the process work?

  • Once you have heard from BCP that your child can have free school meals, please contact the school and let us know.
  • £3.50 will be added to your child's Wisepay balance each day. This will not show online or at the balance checkers, but does show on the tills.
  • Your child can spend this money using their school ID card in Le Bistro just as everyone else.
  • If you wish to add extra money to your child's Wisepay balance, the £3.50 free school meals credit is automatically used first each day.
  • No remaining balance from the daily £3.50 is carried over to the following day.
  • £3.50 is sufficient to cover the cost of a main lunchtime meal and dessert; however this can be spent at breaktime if preferred.

When the school is closed for holidays, is there any support?

  • During school holidays, the school provides food vouchers to help with the cost of living. The value of these vouchers is £15 per child, per week.
  • The vouchers can be used in many shops, including all main supermarkets.
  • You will receive vouchers to the value of £15 per week for each of your children attending Bournemouth School; these vouchers will be distributed via email to the address the school normally uses to contact you.
  • If you have children who attend other schools, please contact those schools if you do not receive vouchers from them, as you are entitled to £15 in vouchers each week for each child.

Does my child receive anything else?

Bournemouth School offers additional benefits, depending on which year group your child is a member of. These may include:

  • Two free slices of teach each day in Le Bistro
  • All food ingredients for FPAN lessons
  • Free educational visits
  • UCAS admin fee covered