Local Learning Area Vists

Local Learning Area Vists

Visits/activities within the ‘local learning area’, that are part of the normal curriculum and take place during the normal school day, will follow these operating procedures.

Local learning area visits/activities:

  • are recorded on our school trip management system
  • do not require specified parental consent in addition to completion and return of the consent form (at the end of this document)
  • do notify parents, in writing, and in advance of any off-site visit
  • do not normally need additional risk assessments/notes


The agreed boundary has been set to 1.5mile radius of Bournemouth School.  Our Local Learning Area includes, but is not limited to, the following frequently used venues:

Areas within the boundaries

Due to the school’s location, any visits accessing water (river, sea etc) or adventurous activity within the local learning area will require a separate risk assessment.

Operating procedure for local learning area (for routine activities)

The following are potentially significant issues/hazards within our local learning area:

  • Road traffic
  • Members of the public
  • Animals (domestic and farm)
  • Losing a student
  • Uneven surfaces and slips, trips, and falls
  • Weather conditions
  • Activity specific issues when doing fieldwork (nettles, brambles, rubbish, etc)

These are managed by a combination of the following:

  • A member of the senior leadership team is required to approve all visits  
  • Only staff who have completed the specified trip leader training are judged competent to supervise groups off-site
  • Parents will be notified in advance in writing of any off-site local area visits
  • There will normally be a minimum of two adults (this will be dependent on number of, and age of, students attending)
  • Staff are familiar with the area, and have practiced appropriate group management techniques.
  • Students are instructed on safe techniques for road crossings in a group.
  • Where appropriate, students are fully briefed on what to do if they become separated from the group
  • Students’ clothing and footwear is checked for appropriateness prior to leaving school.
  • Staff are aware of any relevant student medical information and ensure that any required medication is available.
  • Staff will record the activity on our school trip management system
  • A mobile phone is taken with each group and the school office have the number recorded.
  • A first aid kit is taken with each group.
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment is taken when needed (e.g. gloves, facemasks, bag for waste, tissues etc.)
  • All road crossings will be by use of specific safe crossings on route (e.g. pelican/zebra crossings)
  • Where indirect supervision takes place at the authorised destination, the meeting point will be confirmed beforehand - there will always be a member of staff at the meeting point at all times
  • Students are informed that they are not permitted to make any purchases whilst off the school site

Boundary map