Bake Off Wows for World Book Day

To say we were impressed by the Book Bake Off entries would be an understatement. The reasons behind why bakes were baked and the standard of creativity was astounding.

From the seemingly ‘simple’ bakes, to instantly-recognisable themes, the bakes brought smiles to everyone who was lucky enough to see them before they were sliced for the bake sale – that said the smiles kept coming, because they tasted as good as they looked.

Thanks go to our years 12 and 13 prefect teams, who were awesome throughout the day, our esteemed staff and student judges, our bakers and their families at home and everyone who bought cake. We raised just over £120 towards purchasing new books for the library.

Our lower school winners were Noah (7N) for his Biggles-inspired sponge cake with Biggles himself flyng the bi-plane, and Stas (7T) for his Hobbit House bake, containing over 15 incredible smelling ingredients. Sam (9E) won first prize for the upper school with his incredibly realistic rendition of the Monster Book of Monsters. Our final winner was Miss Elliott (Maths & Newton house) for her alarming Spectator from the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual.

The positivity around the event was contagious and, energy levels permitting, we will look to make this an annual event at Bournemouth School. Thank you to everyone for your support.